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Konner K1

Strength, power, safety and design come together, a new era takes shape. Konner K1 wants to represent the idea of freedom: freedom to move, to move, to reach sought-after and inaccessible destinations. Freedom to experience unique emotions aboard a helicopter unique in the world. The development team from which Konner K1 was born brings together specialists from the aeronautical, engineering, materials, engines and design sectors. Ten years of commitment, research, passion and dedication have allowed the development of K1, a helicopter that stands out for its performance, lightness, availability of power, reliability and safety. 
The heart of the K1 is born from the "gas turbine engines" division, a turbine capable of guaranteeing 250 hp, whose exuberance is contained in only 50 kg of weight.
The most advanced technologies come together inside the engine and a latest generation FADEC allows the pilot to exploit its features in complete safety and tranquility.


Konner Helicopters X Notarzt: The KONNER K1-S19 was chosen as the primary helicopter for HEMS operations .... Read article


Electronic redundancy for unparalleled security

Power, safety, design, in two unique helicopters

Konner K2

Konner K2 wants to raise safety standards. Researchers have developed the best active and passive safety systems and integrated them with the style, design and lightness of K2. The carbon fiber fuselage has been designed to ensure energy absorption in the event of a frontal or vertical impact. About K2  the following options are available:

• Shockproof seats for all occupants, ensuring energy absorption in the event of an impact;

  • 4-point safety belts, with quick release system even in case of overturning;


• Flexible tank in self-sealing material and non-return valves to guarantee fuel containment in the event of a collision or overturning;

• Hybrid Flight Assistant, the revolutionary active safety device which gives the pilot an extra power of 90Hp coming from an electric motor in case of need.






The TK-250 turboshaft engine: a concentrate of technology, cutting-edge solutions, first-rate design software, professionalism, conviction and passion have allowed Konner Gas Turbine Division to develop the lightest turboshaft engine in the world in its category: 250hp concentrated in 50 kg of pure passion, which can also be fed with DIESEL. Konner, owner of the construction and design technology of the turboshaft engine, guarantees wide production availability, technical assistance, maintenance and global spare parts management.


TK-250 derives from an experience of over thirty years in the turbine and aeronautics sector, years of research, development, thousands of hours of bench and flight tests on vehicles used as real flying laboratories with the only aim to affirm the reliability of an engine that makes power, ease of use and safety the cornerstone of its being.





The turboshaft TK-250 is equipped with the latest generation electronic systems that automatically handle the engine for the rider's peace of mind.
Turn the TK-250 on, fly and turn off with three simple movements:

  • AUTOMATIC START-UP: By moving the selector from the STOP to IDLE position, the FADEC turns on the turbine in total safety and governs the engine speed, stabilizing the rotation speed at 80%;

  • GO TO FLY: When you are ready for your flight move the selector from IDLE to FLY and the FADEC stabilizes the turbine to fly with maximum performance and stabilizing the revs. Then the flight begins while the pilot is engaged in the helicopter and the FADEC controls the turbine, transmitting safety and reliability to the pilot.

  • TURBINE TURN OFF: Once you arrive at your destination you can turn off the turbine in total safety, by switching the selector from Fly to IDLE. The FADEC gently sets the parameters to 80% of speed and finally turns off the turbine by moving the selector to STOP:



Why Konner?


Innovation and cutting edge technologies.

There  Konner Srl  was born in 2002 with a strong propensity towards the aeronautical world thanks to the entrepreneur Sergio Bortoluz, owner of the company.

25 years of experience and construction passion in the field of turbines and precision mechanics pour into Konner with the aim of developing avant-garde aeronautical products with unique characteristics.


Konner's main products have been developed from this competence and passion, linked together by an invisible technological thread: the TK250 turbine, the K1 two-seater helicopter and subsequently the K2.


Konner Helicopters Virtual Tour

HFA - Hybrid Flight Assistant

Hybrid Flight Assistant, the revolutionary hybrid safety and assistance device  to the TK-250 turbine it provides an additional power of 60Kw allowing the pilot additional control over the rotor revolutions in the event of a loss of power by the turbine.

HFA operates through the use of an advanced algorithm, which keeps the rotor revolutions under constant control and, if necessary, activates the electric motor.  

The system is developed and optimized specifically to interface with the TK-250 turbine and manage the activation of the electric motor, in total autonomy without the need for intervention by the pilot.


HFA - Hybrid Flight Assistant


Konner K1 and K2 helicopters are equipped with the best aerospace technologies redefining the standards in the world of ultralight aviation


Strength, power,

      safety and design ...


TK - 250





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