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"Out of 8,436 helicopter accidents, 2,408 occurred due to loss of engine power and about half were the​​ result of running out of fuel. [...] These statistics clearly emphasize the need for better helicopter designs with adequate single engine performance. "


                                                                               Gordon Leisham,

"Principles of helicopter aerodynamics"

HAS - Hybrid Assistant System

The HAS system developed by Konner Helicopters allows the pilot, in the event of a loss of power by the turbine, to have a second source of energy ... an electric motor to facilitate  autorotation and consequently  the helicopter landing.

+ 90 HP

+ 90 horsepower provided by the electric motor which allow you to keep the rotor revolutions under control to avoid a stall situation


The HAS was developed specifically to interface with the K1 and K2 helicopters. The management of the electric motor is 100% autonomous thanks to the sophisticated control software. The pilot can activate / deactivate the system before take off


The system has been tested numerous times to ensure that it is 100% reliable in assisting the pilot, each time, during emergency* autorotations.

* all emergencies in question have been simulated 

The HAS  provides the power needed to perform a safe landing in the event of an engine failure. The electric motor and the control electronics ensure the availability of 90 HP at the main transmission. The automatic intervention is managed by the electronics and helps the pilot in the execution of the autorotation from the first moment until landing. A digital display provides the pilot with real-time system information.

The HAS works thanks to a single high torque electric motor capable of automatically delivering up to 90hp of additional power. Since the assistant's intervention is fully automatic, HAS  it will provide the lift needed to safely escape a loss of power caused by an engine malfunction or running out of fuel, which means more time and range for the pilot to perform a safe landing. This result can be achieved thanks to the latest technologies in the field of brushless electric motors and high energy density batteries, which Konner has made the most of!

Konner's Hybrid Assistant System (HAS) represents a major milestone in the history of helicopter safety and development. The same reliability of a multi-engine helicopter can now be achieved on small single-engine helicopters with significantly reduced costs and maintenance. Even more, a new level of safety against power losses caused by running out of fuel allows unprecedented levels of reliability to be obtained. Additionally, the HAS can provide additional power for very high thrust requirements by increasing maximum takeoff weight, performance, MOA (Minute of Angle), maximum climb rate and maximum operating temperature.

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