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Autorisierte Konner Helicopters-Händler:

  • Rotor
    The main rotor is of the semi-articulated bearingless type, with three blades in composite material, the choice of the three-blade rotor is specifically designed to avoid mast bumping, guaranteeing greater safety, stability and speed.
  • Instrumentation
    Konner K1 has redundant digital instrumentation, developed on very high brightness displays, uses first-rate data detection systems and guarantees visibility and clarity in any diffuse or direct light condition.
  • TK-250 turbine
    The TK-250 turboshaft engine: a concentration of technology, cutting-edge solutions, first-rate design software, professionalism, conviction and passion have allowed Konner Gas Turbine Division to develop the lightest turboshaft engine in the world in its category:
  • FADEC: Full Authority Digital Engine Control
    FADEC: EASY TO FLY The turboshaft TK-250 is equipped with the latest generation electronic systems that automatically manage the engine for pilot peace of mind. Turn on, fly and turn off the TK-250 with three simple movements of the selector.
  • HAS: Hybrid Assistance System
    Konner H.A.S. guarantees hybrid support to the TK-250 turbine whenever it needs additional power. The H.A.S. system developed by Konner, it independently manages the start of the electric motor without the need for intervention from the pilot, simplifying the activation system.
  • Carbon Fiber Monoblock
    Konner K1 introduces the concept of a monobloc carbon fiber structure to the aeronautical world, an idea widely used in the aerospace and Formula 1 sectors.
  • Brochure Konner K1-S19
    Click to download the Konner K1-S19 brochure

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